“The boisterous sea of liberty is never without a wave.”
Thomas Jefferson

Ghana, like her sister countries of Togo, Benin and Nigeria, in the Bight of Benin, has been experiencing severe sea erosion problems at various points along – her 580 kilometre coastline.¬†There are 7 big sea defence projects running or already completed by the government accross Ghana. Central regions’ areas like our location, Cape Coast and Komenda started during the constaruction of our resort and are already finished.

Even though the rocks are blocking direct access to the sea in front of Lemon Beach, there are 2 spots in walking distance from Lemon, where you can access the sea and enjoy it. Just ask our reception for the direction, please. Even though, be careful, please, as the rip currents in the Gulf of Guinea are incredibly strong and we do recommend you to enjoy the sea in low tide period. Daily low tide itinerary you can check here:https://www.tideschart.com/Ghana/Central/Elmina/Weekly/

But no worries, behind the Elmina castle (which is not so far from our place) is secure access to the sea where you can enjoy it or on the trips we have pripared for you there will be more opportunities to enjoy the sea.