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Our top priority is to make the most of your stay in Ghana by sharing the places and experiences that won our hearts.

Our experienced guides and local Ghanaian friends will accompany you to areas rarely explored by tourists. Thus giving you a real insight into the wonderful culture. All you have to do is choose and we will take care of the rest…

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Activities & Adventures

Cycling guided tours/bike rental

Elmina is the town with the most beautiful surrounding so why not to explore its beauty on the bike? Let’s go for it and choose the right option for you. The starting point is always from lemon Beach Resort.

1. Elmina Town Tour Cycling – On this 1 hour bike ride we explore the entire Elmina community by bikes and place of the visit includes the Elmina Castle, the 17th century Dutch Cemetery, the Catholic Church viewing the landscape of the township and the salt mining ponds from afar, Posuban Shrine of Elmina, the fish marketing village and homes to see the way of life of the local people. Price per person this ride is 45 GHSPrice covers: the bike, helmet, water and the tour guide

2. Elmina Saltpond & Birdwatching Tour – This 1 hour cycling tour focuses more on visiting the salt mining villages community of Elmina. We will discover and learn about how salt is traditionally prepared, the benefits and the significant importance to the local people. We will also visit the bird watching zones where discover different species of Western African birds and study their behaviour. Price per person on this ride is 45 GHS. Price covers: bicycle, water, snacks and guiding to visit all other places highlighted

3. Do your own tour: Enjoy youself and freedom on our brand new Lemon Bikes. 1 hour is for 45 GHS, 2 hours for 90 GHS. Price covers: water, helmet and the bicycle.

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Lemon Beach Volleyball

It is always good to stretch the body. At Lemon Beach, you can enjoy the beauty of the game with your friends or you can invite and compete with the other resorts guests. Our waiters are always around to serve you with a variety of drinks and refreshments. The playground is for FREE as well as the ball.

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Lemon Beach Badminton

It is always good to stretch the body. At Lemon Beach, you can enjoy the beauty of the game with your friends or you can invite and compete with the other resorts guests. Our waiters are always around to serve you with a variety of drinks and refreshments. The playground is for FREE as well as the set.

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Lemon Beach Archery

It is always good to stretch the body. At Lemon Beach, you can enjoy the beauty of the game with your friends or you can invite and compete with the other resorts guests. Our waiters are always around to serve you with a variety of drinks and refreshments. The playground is for FREE as well as the ball.

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Batique Workshop Lesson + Gigt

Take 3 hours deep dive into the secret of making the traditional Ghanaian cloths with the unique design and create your own 2 yards design cloth. Minimum of 2 perople is required and price per person is 100 GHS


Culture dancing performance

Breathtaking 60 minutes performance at Lemon Beach Resort of local culture dancers – AKUMAPA. Traditional drums, traditional cloths and a special performance with the fire. AKUMAPA dancers are the best what you can see in this region. We can’t tell you more. Let’s be surprised. Performance is upon special request and is for 500 GHS.

Lemon Beach Bon Fire

After the whole day, we can prepare for you a bonfire on Lemon Beach. You can just sit around the fire with the good drink in your hand or we can prepare for you toasting of the corn (depends on the season). Our waiters are always taking care of you so you can just sit, talk, listen to the sound of the waves and prepare your body for the next day. Bonfire is for FREE.


Let us take care of your body. Our professional masseur knows where to press your body, which muscles need to be touched to make you relaxed and full of power again. Massages are subject of prior order.

Full body massage is 200 GHS (1 hour) / Back massage 100 GHS (30 minutes) / Reflexology or feet massage 100 GHS (45 minutes)

Elmina Castle

Lemon beach Resort is located in the neighbourhood of Elmina Castle. You can walk there with us (20 minutes) or we will escort you there by car or on the canoe.

This magic and mysterious place is the oldest European structure in sub-Saharan Africa. Construction of Elmina castle was started by the Portuguese in 1482 and was originally completed in 1486. Later colonized by the Dutch in 1637, it was during this time that Elmina attained its highest status.

Upon visiting, you will experience the physical history of the slave trade, the impact of which is still felt beyond the shores of Africa today. Most visitors to Ghana tour Elmina Castle, because of its history as a major trans-Atlantic slave hub. Originally, Elmina Castle was not built for the purpose of holding and trading slaves, but instead as a trading post for gold, ivory, spices and other African goods. It is from this trade that the name “Elmina” was derived from the Portuguese name for “Da Costa de el Mina de Ouro” (The Coast of Gold Mines). Entrance fee without the tour guide is 40 GHS per person. The tour guide is 50 GHS

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Kakum National Park

After breakfast we will travel 43 kilometres far to Kakum National Park.

The 607 square kilometres (234 square miles) of protected beautiful rainforest is home to an assortment of wild residents, including forest elephants, giant hogs, flying squirrels, leopards and various species of monkey. However, with much of the elusive wildlife buried deep in the forest‘s flora, there‘s little chance of seeing them. 

Count on the canopy walk. Elevated 40 metres above the forest floor, the 350m-long wooden walkway and various viewing platforms offer spectacular, vertiginous views of the park, although it is unlikely much wildlife will be seen.

There is a simple but informative visitors‘ centre, a café and gift shop. Transport from Lemon to Kakum and Back is for 350 GHS.

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You can imagine how refreshing can it be to take the drink from Lemon beach Resort, sit on the boat or local canoe with the engine and flying on the sea around Elmina Castle, to see the fish market from the other side or to check Lemon Beach from the seaside. From Lemon Beach, we will escort you to the lagoon, close to the Lemon Beach Resort and the journey can start. You can choose the time you want to spend on the sea as well as the speed. Everything for your comfort and level of adrenaline you like 🙂 Price per person is 60 GHS including the transport to the harbour and the guide.


Just outside St. George Castle is the Benya lagoon, an amazingly busy fishing harbour, full of colourful traditional fishing boats called pirogues. Fishermen are busy tending nets, going and coming to sea, and selling their catch in the busy harbour fish market. Fishmongers are everywhere and their offerings in full view. This site offers one of Ghana’s greatest photo opportunities. Tour, including the tour guide for 4 people is 60 GHS.

Local Cooking

This day will start quite early in the morning. At 6 am we will escort you to the area of local markets where you will be divided into the small groups of 2 to 4 people and local (Lemon Beach Resort’s verified) families will take care of you from this moment.

You will go together for shopping of the fish and vegetables to the local market and after that the families will walk with you to their houses where you will prepare the food, will cook together and eat together with them. You will have a unique opportunity to see and experience the way, how Ghanaians are preparing their food, what are the secret ingredients they use to prepare such tasty food and how do they live.

This experience is really special and as Ghanaians are really warm people it is not so common, they invite tourists into their homes.

When you are done, families will escort you to the hotel where you can spend some time with them and enjoy the African evening with the local dancers and drummers. 

Nzulezu - The Village On Stilts

Our journey to Nzulezu starts quite early in the morning. Approximately 4 hours drive from Lemon Beach Resort, near the border with Ivory Coast, is a village that is unique in all of Ghana. Nzulezu is a village that has been built on stilts above a lagoon and people are living there like in many years back in time.

And you are welcome to experience it. The whole village is essentially one long pier, called Main Street by the locals, with buildings constructed on both sides. One side of the ‘street’ are living quarters while the other side of the street has businesses, the school, a community centre and other commercial ventures.

The legend of this village is that the protecting spirit of the village, a snail, travelled to lead people to this place to establish a home.

Today the village subsists on fishing, farming on nearby land, and tourism. There is also guesthouse at the village, but do not expect modern standards. The village is accessible only by the canoe and it takes approximately 20 minutes to get there.

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Visiting kids at local school

In the morning you will have an opportunity to visit the local school, escort one small Ghanaian boy living in the resort – David (4 years old), meet his school mates and if you took some used toys from your home, opportunity to give your toys the second life and make some kids really really happy is coming exactly there. 

"How things are made" day

This day we would like to guide you to the behind the scene places and to show you secrets  of how traditional things are made. You will see how local clothes are made,  batik tie&die, gari production, carpenter’s masterpiece and you will have an opportunity to try some of them by youself.

Adventures based on your choice

There ia alwyas something happening in the area. You can ask our front desk managers or you can just say your wish and you can leavte the rest on us. We are here to make all your dreams come true. 

Pick up / Escort to the airport

Whenever you are traveling from/to Accra, Tamale, Cape Coast, Kakum or any other city in Ghana we are here for you. We can organize for you low cost, standar or premium transport to any destination. Bear in mind, you pay the dirivers directly, not us. We will just negotiate the best possible price for you.

Trip to the North to Tamale - Safari Mole

After the breakfast, at 7:30, we are leaving towards the airport in Accra to catch the flight at 12:30 to Tamale – northern part of Ghana. Lemon Beach guard will travel with you. After one hour we are landing in Tamale and continue 2 hours by car to Mole national park. Accommodation will be reserved for us in the heart of the park. From the hill, where the hotel with the pool is situated, you will have a beautiful view on African animals in the park.

Evening safari on the Jeep is awaiting us when we arrive.

Mole National Park is the largest national park in Ghana and provides the best wildlife experience in Ghana. This was the first national park to be established in Ghana and it covers an area of 4,912km².

Mole National Park has the widest range of wildlife in Ghana and is the only place in Ghana where you can experience elephants in the wild. In addition to the elephants, you will see antelopes, bushbucks, monkeys, warthogs, baboons and other smaller wildlife.

Because of the lack of predators, safaris can be done of foot – a unique experience that is quite different from the vehicle safaris in southern and eastern Africa. To walk so close to elephants is an exhilarating experience you will not ever forget!

Walking safaris usually take place in the early morning (6 am) and late afternoon (4 pm). These can be of 2 hours to 4 hours in length and are guided by an armed wildlife ranger.

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Mole National Park

At 7:00 am in the morning Jeep safari will be prepared for you. The park is really large and there is a lot to see, that is why we are taking another safari.  There is a lot of wild animals you will meet on your way and if you are lucky, elephants will be closer than 10 meters from you.

After the morning Safari we will take another Jeep and will continue in the area around the Mole continue Mole sightseeing. We will visit Larabanga Mosque – the oldest mosque in Ghana and see, how people in the North are living.

At 2:00 pm we are going back to Tamale airport and to Accra. From Accra we will take another car and in 5 hours we will reach the final destination – Hohoe. Hotel will be ready for us. 

Wli Waterfalls and Afadja mountain

Soon after the breakfast we will move by car to the foot of the Ghana highest mountain Afadja (880 m). The hike up takes cca 1,5 hour (depends on your physical condition) the summit offers splendid view on the Voltarian fresh green landscape.

Your hike up will be awarded at the Wli waterfall. This 143 m high waterfall is the tallest in West Africa, we will reach there after 30 min walk. No worries – no more hills, the path is completely flat up to the waterfall. You can take refreshing and for most of us recharging bath in the pond under the waterfall. There are also hundreds of bats living in the rock along the waterfall. Do not forget to take your swimming wear, we will stay there for 2 hours, we will relax and drink the drinks.

After that we will go back and in the evening we will explore the life of local people in the village and go close to the border of the neighbour country – Togo. 

The path leading to this splendid waterfall through green and lush semi-deciduous forest starts from the Visitor Information Centre(VIC). It is a narrow path that could allow passage for only two people walking side by side. The path is shaded by the tall trees of the forest making it almost impossible for the sun’s rays to reach the ground. Before we reach the fall site we have to cross nine wooden foot bridges that have been built over the nine meanders of the AGUMATSA RIVER on which the fall is located. As one moves through the forest, he or she could see some tree species labelled with their scientific as well as their local or common names.

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Monkey Sanctuary

After the breakfast we will continue our way towards Accra.

On the way we will stop at Tafi Atome Monkey to explore the local forest and the life of apx 700 monkeys in it. You can feed them and touch them if you can.-) After the lunch we will continue to the airport in Accra where we should be around 4:00 pm

Boabeng Fiema monkey sanctuary is one of the renowned tourist site located in the Nkoranza North District of Brong Ahafo.

Monkey sanctuary is the famous example of traditional conservation of Forest with wide varieties of tree species engulf with birds and other animals, this is the place where two different species of monkeys, regarded as sacred happily live, eat and share their peace of minds with human beings.

During the guarded beautiful walk in the forest, you can not only see the monkeys but also feed them and touch them.

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