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Lemon Beach Resort

J.J. Rawlings High Street 9

Elmina, Ghana

Digital Address CK-0090-9318

History Of The Resort

The whole story started in 2012 when 2 men and 2 families from 2 continents were connected by chance. Proofed friendship led to the moment when we bought the land and decided to build something special on it. Something what will create unforgettable memories to our guests and make our kids – our successors – to be proud of their fathers as their predecessors.

David Duron and Kofi Amissah

Stay with us, help the others

Lemon Beach Resort invests from its profit back to the society. We do support several projects helping less privileged people and kids in Ghana. Your stay at Lemon means, you are contributing as well. Ask us for more details. Will be our pleasure to share with you more.